Sweet Scented Pets – Yummy Fun!

MMM! New Sweet Scented Pets smell like yummy, sweet and savory treats! The delicious aroma of an ooey-gooey fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie, colorful cotton candy, freshly-popped popcorn, chewy fruity gummy bears, fresh watermelon candy, and decadent vanilla frosted cupcakes are just a few of the fantastic “flavors” available. Visit SweetScentedPets.com to meet CookiePup, PupCake, GummiPup and more smell-tastic plush pals. These yummy pals are animals by day and transform to a cuddly pillow by night. Perfect from playtime to sleep time, and any time in between! Sweet Scented Pets have long-lasting scents and are surface washable. Get a different Sweet Scented Pet for an array of sweet cravings!

Get your first Sweet Scented Pet here: www.sweetscentedpets.com


Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Imagefor ChocChipCookieDay (2)

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is May 15th and we celebrated by taking CookiePup to Nana’s Cookie Company to see how they make their delicious cookies.  It was a fun outing and we got to see them make their Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies and it truly is made from scratch. We saw the whole process including how they mix all the ingredients in a giant mixing bowl, then on to the cutting process, baking the sweet smell of ooey gooey goodness, just like CookiePup, and then the wrapping line so they stay fresh. Visit our new Sweet Scented Pets website www.SweetScentedPets.com to get a Sweet Deal on your next Pillow Pet.

Nana’s Cookie tour: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpxtO6AA6akZOQxby3wk_wg Make sure and subscribe and see all of our great new videos.


Minnie Mouse and her Rockin Dots

With Minnie it’s all about “dot couture,” especially her new Rockin the Dot look. Minnie is known for her stylish, classic, independence and spirited attitude. We wanted to know more about this stylish and joyful iconic Disney character – here are a few fun facts we discovered:

  • The first time Minnie appeared alongside Mickey was in 1929 short called “Plane Crazy.” In it, Mickey invites Minnie along for a ride in his plane.
  • Both of Minnie’s parents are farmers.
  • Minnie’s full name is Minerva.
  • And our favorite fact, the woman who voiced Minnie, Russi Taylor, married the man who voiced Mickey, Wayne Allwine. Now that’s life imitating art!

This classic Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet is style and comfort combined.


Finding Dory

Disney•Pixar’s beloved character swims back into our hearts in her own feature film, Disney•Pixar’s Finding DoryFinding Dory takes audiences on an incredible adventure in the extraordinary world under the sea, where Dory discovers the true meaning of family.

“Disney•Pixar’s introduced the undersea world to us with Finding Nemo and Nemo became a huge fan favorite. Adding the Dory design to the Pillow Pets line in time for the movie release allows us to bring this funny dynamic duo to the plush world of Pillow Pets.

We cannot wait to see the movie on June 17th. A Dory or Nemo Pillow Pet is a great way to get your fan ready to see the movie!Dory and Nemo (1)