Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2014 and hello 2015! The Mysticals had a great time throughout the 2014 Holiday season with all of you and truly appreciate your readership! We hope that each one of you have a wonderful New Year and we are looking forward to everything 2015 has in store for all of us. Thank you for being great fans and stay tuned for new blog adventures on the way!


The Mysticals Decorate the Christmas Tree!

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and this week, the Mysticals set up and decorated the tree! It took all six of them to get the tree up, and even a little help from some of the other Pillow Pets in the office to get the star on top. Mystical Koala hung the stockings (she is really good at climbing) and Mystical Panda tried eating the Christmas tree’s branches (we had to tell him it wasn’t the same as bamboo). Afterword, all of the Mysticals went from office to office singing Christmas carols. Mystical Sea Turtle was shy to sing at first but really started to come out of his shell as he got more comfortable.


A Mystical Thanksgiving!

The Mysticals had a very eventful Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday started off with all six Mysticals in the kitchen busily cooking the Thanksgiving meal (This, of course, got a little messy). After eating, Mystical Panda and Mystical Seal started pulling out all of the Christmas decorations! They spent a couple of hours hanging decorations and singing Christmas carols (Actually they spent about 30 minutes hanging decorations and about an hour and a half untangling Mystical Raccoon from the light mess he got himself into) and went to bed early after a long day! Tune in this week to see them pick out and decorate the tree!

Mysticals_Cooking Raccoon_lights

Mysticals Play Hide and Seek!

This week the Mysticals were busy setting up for Thanksgiving- It’s only a week away! They didn’t end up getting much done, however, because they started playing hide and seek around the office! Mystical Raccoon had some of the best hiding spots and you can check them out below. After hide and seek was over, the entire Mystical gang sat down and enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa together. Tune in next week to see their next Holiday adventure!



What are Pillow Pets Mysticals up to this Holiday Season?

Shimmering, Sparkling fun! Everyone knows that the Pillow Pets Mysticals have awesome patterns, sparkly fabrics and are as cute as can be. What most of you don’t know, however, is that these Mysticals can also be a bit mischievous- especially around the Holidays. They are kind of like the Pillow Pets Headquarters version of elves, and we all know how mischievous elves can be! We catch them doing funny things around the office daily and want you to see for yourselves! From now until Christmas we are going to bring you into their quirky world in the blog every week! Stay tuned!


PS- Below you can see how a group of the Mysticals dressed up for Halloween. What a quirky bunch!



Olaf the Pillow Pet Visits NYC!

Hello from the Big Apple! Olaf the Pillow Pet’s journey has finally come Stateside! This week he spent a couple days in New York City and was able to see a lot of cool things! He started off at the Empire State Building and got a great view of the entire city. Then he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Times Square, where he caught a show on Broadway. He ended his New York trip with a lazy day in Central Park just enjoying the scenery. Where should he visit next? Let us know in the comments! Warm Hugs!



Olaf the Pillow Pet Visits Ireland!

Greetings! This week Olaf the Pillow Pet journeyed across Ireland! The Emerald Isle is rich in history and Olaf the Pillow Pet was able to see some very cool historical sites. His first stop was at The Hill of Tara, which was once the seat of the High King of Ireland. Next, he stayed the night in the famous hotel at Bunratty Castle- a 15th century tower house in County Clare. Olaf the Pillow Pet’s trip ended at the Cliffs of Moher, which tower 700 feet over the Atlantic. Next week Olaf will be coming to the USA! Warm hugs!

Olaf the Pillow Pet Visits Spain!

Bienvenidos! This week, Olaf the Pillow Pet visited Spain! First he stopped off at the beautiful island of Ibiza to view a gorgeous Spanish sunset. His next stop was at the Palacio Real of Madrid- the official residence of the King of Spain! Olaf the Pillow Pet’s final Spanish destination was the Alhambra in Granada. The Alhambra is a palace that was constructed in the 14th century by the Nasrid Sultans. Olaf the Pillow Pet’s next stop will be Ireland! What should he do on the Emerald Isle? Comment below! Warm hugs!

Olaf MAP(2)



Olaf The Pillow Pet Visits Africa!

Hakuna Matata! Olaf the Pillow Pet had no worries this week during his stop in Africa! First, he visited Cape Town in South Africa where he got an up close view of a Great White Shark! After Cape Town, Olaf the Pillow Pet travelled north to see the beautiful Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. He ended his African adventure at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. We think he may be headed to Spain next! Any thoughts on what he should do when he gets there? Comment below! Warm Hugs!

Olaf MAP(1)




Olaf The Pillow Pet Visits India!

This week, the Olaf Pillow Pet visited India! Hoping to catch a glimpse of a tiger, his first stop was at the Kanha National Park, where he saw all of India’s exotic wildlife. Next, he explored the Ajanta Caves and admired rock-cut monuments that date back to the 2nd Century BC. Olaf the Pillow Pet’s India trip ended at none other than the Taj Mahal; One of the most famous architectural masterpieces in the world. Olaf is back on the boat and headed for South Africa! Any suggestions on how he should spend his time while on the world’s second biggest continent? Warm hugs!

Olaf MAP