Cupcake Cravings

Whenever I have a craving for a cupcake, I immediately think of Sprinkles.  Candace Nelson founded Sprinkles in 2005 and started a cupcake craze.  Not only did she elevate the cupcake experience to new levels, she inspired cupcake artists everywhere.  Sprinkles can now be found in locations throughout the United States,  cupcake mixes at retail stores, and even in ATM style machines. Cupcakes are a great treat for dessert, birthday parties, or even a pick-me-up for a friend. Pupcake is our version of a sweet, vanilla frosted cupcake in a stuffed animal you can hug. Yum!  #SweetScentedPets #SprinklesCupcakes #VanillaScentedCupcakes #PillowPets #Sprinkles #VanillaFrostingSS_PupcakeMontage