The new Trolls movie came out on Friday and one of the hashtags was #FindYourHappyPlace which got us to thinking. A happy place can either be a physical location or a state of being. So, was someone’s physical happy place the same as their mental happy place?  A very unscientific poll at the office indicated that in some cases yes, and in others it was different.

Marketing department – the physical location for our happy place would be the beach. Warm day, suntan lotion, cold beverage, and a boogie board.  This incidentally was their mental happy place as well. They said that whenever the stress gets to be too much, they close their eyes and focus on a day at the beach.

Warehouse – Anywhere with music. Live music, dance music, outdoor concert, you name it and that is the happiest spot for this crew.  Same with the mental happy place, any type of music brought peace of mind on an otherwise hectic day.

Sales – sports, sports and more sports.  The happiest place would be the football field – well, more like the stand. Rooting on their favorite team, hot dog and popcorn in hand. To recharge mentally, they only had to think about hitting the baseball field with their children on a weekend.

Customer Service – a tropical getaway where you can unpack your worries and leave the daily stress behind.  Anywhere would work but the Maldives was mentioned more than once.  As for a mental happy place, it was a secret hideout that they only knew about and was a place that they could restore their sense of well being.

Accounting – they also picked the beach. A packed cooler loaded with snacks, a tent to keep the sun away, beach chairs and sunglasses rounded out the happy place; As for mentally, thinking about her grandchild had an instant calming and peaceful sereneness to a hectic day.

Online Team – home was the happy place.  Life is spent on the go so much, so a day at home surrounded by the comfort of the items hand selected to make one’s house a home was picked.  As for that happy place, thinking of a good night’s sleep was all that was needed to make him smile.

There are true benefits to having a mental happy place. Studies have found that there are benefits to this type of positive thinking.

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Less tension
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Decreased respiration rate
  • Reduction in Cortisol levels which produce stress
  • Less irritable
  • More restful and beneficial sleep
  • Ability to handle stress
  • A more relaxed state of being
  • Able to take stressful situations in stride
  • Greater sense of peace and happiness

A lot of people find an escape in music.  The new Trolls movie has some great new music and classics from year’s ago.  The Trolls live in Happy Town which we know is their happy place. But what puts a song in their heart? Here are a few of the Trolls songs that take us to a happy place.




Enjoy this fantastic movie and make sure to get your Pillow Pets Trolls Poppy, Guy Diamond and Branch to help take you to your happy place.