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Cotton Candy Unicorn


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Sweet Scented Pets are adorably delicious folding plush with subtle scent patches that remind you of childhood favorite treats!  Huggable and definitely lovable, these stuffed animals are perfect as a gift, room décor, travel buddy or overnight friend. This unicorn has the delicious smell of cotton candy ready to indulge in all of is fluffy sweetness.  The flowing mane and matching tail make this a whimsical and delightful scented gift for any occasion!.  

·         Scents Made in the US 

  • Scents are made from earth friendly materials using sustainably harvested trees/cotton 
  • Scents are BPA free/phalates free
  • Scents are certified by the International Fragrance Association
  • Scents are compliant with USA & EU toy regulations

Perfect for playtime, sleeptime, or anytime, Sweet Scented Pillow Pets are surface washable and feature subtle, long-lasting scent patches.


Pillow Pets® Information:

A super-soft chenille plush folding stuffed animal. So cuddly you’ll never want to put it down! Starts out as your pal, then un-velcro its belly, and it quickly becomes your pillow.

All Pillow Pets® products are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Recommended Washing Instructions


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