What Would You Do

Here at Pillow Pets we love to play a fun game called Spot the Pillow Pet so we decided to turn it in to a regular Monday feature.  It pretty much says it all in the name.  If you see a Pillow Pet in a television show, movie, commercial, or even on YouTube let us know with #SpotthePillowPet on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We have seen the Pillow Pet in some pretty fun locations:

  • Actress Teresa Palmer and family were spotted with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in an airport.
  • Olaf was spotted during a segment on What Would You Do
  • The original green Tardy Turtle was found on House of Cards
  • Even the prankster and YouTuber Roman Atwood had one around the house

Since Pillow Pets have fans everywhere (and of all ages), you never know when one will show up. Help us #SpotthePillowPet