Sweet Scented Pets – Yummy Fun!

MMM! New Sweet Scented Pets smell like yummy, sweet and savory treats! The delicious aroma of an ooey-gooey fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookie, colorful cotton candy, freshly-popped popcorn, chewy fruity gummy bears, fresh watermelon candy, and decadent vanilla frosted cupcakes are just a few of the fantastic “flavors” available. Visit SweetScentedPets.com to meet CookiePup, PupCake, GummiPup and more smell-tastic plush pals. These yummy pals are animals by day and transform to a cuddly pillow by night. Perfect from playtime to sleep time, and any time in between! Sweet Scented Pets have long-lasting scents and are surface washable. Get a different Sweet Scented Pet for an array of sweet cravings!

Get your first Sweet Scented Pet here: www.sweetscentedpets.com