Sweet Suite with the Sweet Scented Pets #BBNYC

We just returned from Blogger Bash 2016 in NYC where we introduced the Sweet Scented Pets to over 400 press and bloggers at Sweet Suite put on by the Toy Insider.

It was our first year attending and we had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing bloggers with wonderful stories to tell.  We were thrilled to meet YouTube creators Mikey Likes It, Kid Toy Testers, Babyteeth4 and Hey Thats Mike.

We had so much fun taking pictures with the bloggers holding up their favorite Sweet Scented Pillow Pet.  I think that Cotton Candy Unicorn was the #1 choice favorite followed by the CookiePup, a close second.  Of course, who doesn’t love cotton candy and chocolate chip cookies?

We have so many new scents being added all the time including some savory new flavors like Popcorn.  Check them all out here: SweetScentedPets

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