Ten Ways to Cool Off on a Hot August Night

Frozen FB Blog Post
It is hot outside! Here are a few ways to cool off in the heat. We are preferential to #10:
  1. Grab an ice pop, ice cream, or any frozen treat
  2. Rinse wash cloths with cold water and freeze.  Perfect for cooling off the back of necks, heads or anywhere.
  3. Drink lots of water! For added flavor freeze juice in ice cube trays and add to water.
  4. Fill a kiddie pool, add some ice cubes, grab a pair of sunglasses and a good book.
  5. Take your Pillow Pet to the community library and read in the air conditioning.
  6. Fill water balloons with ice cold water and have a balloon toss.
  7. Make a paper plate fan using paper plates, popsicle sticks, crayons and markers. Extra points if you make it look like your favorite Pillow Pet.
  8. Make a crazy hat out of ice cubes
  9. Freeze some small toys in a block of ice and let the kids chip away at with plastic tools to get the prize.
  10. Grab your Olaf and Sven Pillow Pets and snuggle up in the cool air conditioning to watch Frozen.