The Gift of Memories


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, now think of a wonderful memory.  We all have memories, some that make us smile and others that make us cringe.  Creating memories for our children is what many parents strive for – memories that they can reach back on at various ages and stages, both to remember and to learn.

Most of us can probably remember that special time of being tucked into bed at night, a good book and your favorite stuffed animal held tightly under your arm, ready to guide you into a peaceful sleep.  What was your favorite childhood sleep pal?

Memories of grand events, like your first vacation or trip to the amusement park are heightened by the special souvenir that you bring home.  Whether it’s a trinket found on a walk or one carefully selected at the gift shop, those mementos are cherished reminders of where you have been.  What is your favorite souvenir?

One of the ways to capture a memory is of course to photograph or video it. But here are some clever ways to make a keepsake of those memories:

  • Put the identification ID and hat given at the hospital into a clear ornament to hang up every year during the holidays.
  • Create a year digital memory set to music released during that year.
  • Make a memory book of that year – ask the kids to help come up with favorite captions, moments or funny stories to include as quotes.
  • Collect the same souvenir from each family trip – an ornament, a key chain, or some other item to display.
  • Have a quilt made of their favorite outfits
  • Make a time capsule of the year and include a favorite item or two from each family member.
  • Make a photo box with some of your favorites toys and outfits

We receive lots of letters and photos from Pillow Pets fans who collect a new Pillow Pet every year. Some have almost every Pillow Pet we have ever created and others have picked out a specific niche of Pillow Pet, like favorite characters from television shows or movies. Others go after the original Pillow Pets styles or even the new Sweet Scented Pets collection.

Memories are what we all have to look back on at the end of a long day, a long year or a long life.  Those memories should be made up of all the people and experiences you have accumulated over the years that have made you who you are today.  Treasured memories, treasured moments, treasured minutes.  Many to be remembered and all to be celebrated.

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” Oscar Wilde