The Olaf Pillow Pet is on his way!

PPetsWebtileDisney_Olaf1NEWALL ABOARD!!! The Pillow Pets blog is now in action and what better way to kick it off than to document the Olaf Pillow Pet’s travels to the USA! The Olaf Pillow Pet, from Disney’s Frozen, just jumped on a small boat in Hong Kong and is headed to Pillow Pets headquarters in Carlsbad, California. After months of preparation, he is finally ready to travel the world and ultimately end up in your arms! His boat is heading south and may even make a stop in Australia next week! Knowing this particular Pillow Pet, we are sure to see some fun and interesting adventures along the way. Tune in weekly to stay updated on the Olaf Pillow Pet’s travels as he makes his way to California. Warm hugs!

Do YOU have any suggestions on activities he can do during his time down under? Write them in the comments section!



5 thoughts on “The Olaf Pillow Pet is on his way!

  1. Olaf should visit Portside Wharf in Brisbane Australia. I went there a couple years ago and its really cool and they have good seafood. Also there’s really fun Kangaroo Point Cliffs where he can hike and rock climb!

    On the boat ride there he could play cards and listen to music. That’s always a fun way to pass the time when I’m traveling.

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