Time to sleep with the sharks!

MPPSliders2016_SharkWeek_opt1Discovery Shark Week starts June 26th. It’s one of our favorite weeks of television as we get to see what these mysterious creatures do day and night. Meet the Sharky Shark Pillow Pet, the perfect cute and cuddly companion to snuggle and watch Shark Week.  Once you have maxed out your viewing time, take your Shark Pillow Pet to bed as a comfy pillow for a good night’s sleep.  This favorite shark toy by day turns into a pillow for television, travel or bedtime.  Perfect for adding a touch of the sea to your play room or bedroom as well.

Here are some shark facts courtesy of our friends at Discovery:

  • Sharks aren’t made of bone like other fish.  Their skeletons are made of cartilage, the same flexible material that you can feel in the tip of your nose or your ears.  This makes them a super-bendable species.
  • An average great white shark will eat 10% of its body weight every week.  That’s like a person eating 8 quarter-pound hamburgers every day.
  • If an award could be given to the most frightening water creature of all, it goes to the great white shark. This huge fish can grow longer than a van and as heavy as fifteen gorillas.
  • Earth’s largest ocean predator, the great white shark, can grow to 36 feet long and can weigh 4000 pounds… Once again, that’s 36 feet long – larger than many recreational boats.  And 4000 pounds – heavier than most cars.  What’s more, the great white can reach speeds of 25 mph and often leaps out of the water to attack its prey from a better angle.