Top Reasons Parents Love Pillow Pets


Pillow Pets has been a top brand in households since 2010.  What started out as an easy way to clean up a room launched a whole new category of product. A dual function stuffed animal by day, pillow by night became the brand that parents and children loved. Who can forget our first commercial jingle: “It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet, It’s a Pillow Pet.”

Over 30 million Pillow Pets have been sold over the years and its easy to see why.  See what these parents (and kids) are saying about Pillow Pets:

“This is absolutely the best invention ever. It is soft and cuddly and made of a very high quality material”

“I like the fact that these could fold up into a stuffed animal and then fold out into a pillow. He’s a great use on camping or if your child goes to stay the night at a friends house they can take them with them easily and always have stuff in one pillow all-in-one.”

“He’s perfect for travel!”

“The fur is SO soft. It feels nice against your face, and is very relaxing to run the fur through your fingers. When laying your head on this, if you have your nose close to the patch, you can definitely smell cookies. It’s surprising how close the scent is to ACTUAL cookies. 🙂 I love that the underside is covered in chocolate chips and cookies. It totally brings this dog together.”

“I’ve been a reluctant fan of the pillow pets since my daughter’s first one; they are well made and a great design, I even like how they include attached Velcro covers for when the pet is flat so that the Velcro lasts longer.”

“It has a very pleasing scent which is strong enough to know what it is, but not overpowering.” (RE: Ice Pop Penguin)

“They’re not kidding when thy say they last they’re cute and their useful.I’m in college and I sleep with mine every night.”

“I love these because they can open to a soft pillow and use them in car rides or to cuddle with and there is a variety of animals”

“Thank you for making pillow pets they’re amazing each of my 4 kids have one including the nightlight ones my kids LOVE them and take them everywhere sleep overs .. Long car rides and will bring it downstairs just to lay with and watch tv amazing stuffed animal pillows that make my kids so happy”

“I’m 19 and I love this product. I only have one and I got it years ago but I still use it to this day. it’s so convenient to have especially when your laying down and want your head to be elevated a little bit ( which is what I use it for 24/7 ) and I love it.”

“Pillow pets in general are the greatest things ever!! I have three and a majority of my friends have them and they are all just very adorable and soft. They are created with the perfect materials, I love them so much!!”

“We have three of these around the house and the boys love them! they are great lounging pillows and are perfect for movie nights. also the themes are perfect for when one of them is really into a specific character.”

“Our kids love their pillow pets! They are very good quality and last forever. Many different pets to choose from – a good variety for boys and girls. Reasonably priced as well.”

Moms, kids, pets…everyone loves Pillow Pets.  It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet, It’s a Pillow Pet!