Top Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Room

By Stephanie Sylvester from Modernize

If you are expecting a child and need to decide on nursery decor, or if you have a child who is ready for a big kid room makeover, you may be overwhelmed by the endless decor possibilities. At Modernize, we understand that home projects can be overwhelming, but once you have an idea, room makeovers can be quite fun.  For a sweet accent, Pillow Pets has cuddly companions available for whatever motif you choose. Babies, toddlers, and big kids will all appreciate the personal touch of a sweet pal to share their dream space.


Decorating my child’s room was one of the truly fun home projects that I tackled on my own. I wanted something sweet for my newborn, but also something that would easily transition into the toddler years. For inspiration, I dreamed of my own childhood—I remembered chasing butterflies in fields filled with daisies and wildflowers. That’s when the theme came to me. Yep, bugs. I painted my girl’s room sky blue and applied grass and flower decals on the bottom half of the walls. I found a mobile with lady bugs, butterflies, and bumblebees. I was introduced to the perfect accent of Pillow Pets when my mother-in-law purchased Pillow Pets classics, the Ms. Ladybug and Bumbly Bee pets for her granddaughter to snuggle.

Paw Patrol Marshall Dream Lite

Paw Patrol Marshall Dream Lite


If your child prefers real heroes to the ones found in cartoons, choose a theme that will help them dream of who they can become when they grow up. Pillow Pets have cuddle buddies to represent all of these heroes. The Military Pillow Pets are particularly comforting for children to cuddle if one of their parents is a deployed serviceperson. Chase from Paw Patrol is an imaginative choice for children who want to fight crime when they grow up, while Marshall from Paw Patrol is a great accent in a room decorated for a future firefighter. Wall decals are a great way to create beautiful scenes in your child’s bedroom. They adhere to the walls, but are easily removable when your child moves on to their next great phase.

Nemo is the perfect way to add to a nautical themed bedroom.

Nemo is the perfect way to add to a nautical themed bedroom.

Sea Life

Planning a child’s room is so fun when you let your imagination run wild. Spark your child’s imagination with a theme that will take them away to uncharted seas. A sea theme is always a hit with the kid crowd. Whether you have a sea captain or a little mermaid, there are so many captivating accents to inspire creative play. Anchors, oars, shells, and seahorses can adorn the walls, while Pillow Pets like Nemo or Sea Turtle can amp up the adventure at playtime.

Decorate With Dreams

My favorite songs to sing my daughter to sleep are songs that include the word “dream.” When it’s time to decorate your child’s room, all you have to do is dream. Dream of your childhood, inspire your child’s dreams of who they can become when they grow up, and dream of imaginary worlds to spark creative play.
Sweet dreams.